About CannotFixStupid.com

This site has kind of oscillated between politics and a rambling series of dissertations on Living And Running A B&B In The Middle Of Nowhere.

After the COVID pandemic introduced itself in 2020 it changed to an occasional newsletter to help everyone keep up with our goings-on. It has continued to serve this role since.

However — we’ve noticed that we have published it less and less frequently! Real life keeps interfering… so we’re going to change our approach: we’ll probably publish less frequently, but will up[date existing posts more and add the occasional update as warranted.

We suggest that you subscribe using the form below (it’s free!), so that you’ll get a heads-up when we post new material or updates. We won’t be sending out those emails any more.

The menu on the top (or bottom) of the page will have one newsletter link for each date we post, along with links for related posts (picture galleries, etc. — who knows what might lurk there?), and when we post the next group we’ll consolidate all similarly-dated links under the older newsletter link(s) to reduce clutter.

You are welcome to subscribe or not, as you prefer — we’ll be sending fresh links every time we send out the email, and hope you enjoy!